Please ensure that everyone working with you, or on your behalf, has a copy and fully understands these terms & conditions. Any traders who fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions may be requested to leave site by a member of RR Events staff, and could face exclusion from future events. RR Events Ltd reserves the right to request this without the need to supply a reason, or refund any payment(s) that have already been made. In addition, the cost of removal may be charged to the trader if deemed appropriate.


All raised invoices are to be paid prior to the set up of an event by BACs transfer or cash (either paid in person at Head Office or at a prior event). Neither of these forms of payment will incur an additional charge. Traders wishing to pay via card payment, will incur a 1.5% surcharge.


RR Events Ltd will only issue a refund in exceptional circumstances. These will be completed via a mutually agreed method within 14 working days of the refund being agreed.Refunds will not be given for instances where trading conditions have not been satisfactory to the trader, or adverse weather has affected the traders takings.Deposits paid towards an event are non-refundable in ALL instances


Any trader who can not attend an event that they have been accepted onto must contact RR Events Ltd as soon as is physically possible. Traders who fail to do this, or within a reasonable timescale, will be liable to pay the full rental amount for the event. An invoice will be produced on the first working day after the end of the event in question, and must be paid in full if a trader wishes to appear at any events linked to RR Events Ltd. RR Events reserve the right to act as the sole arbiter in determining how much a trader must pay in the case of non-attendance.


Traders must supply all their own “tested” electrical cables with a relevant outdoor plug for power available in your stall. This cable must measure a minimum of 25 metres in length. For any distances above this, then RR Events will endeavour to provide a suitable longer cable. All electrical wiring & appliances MUST have been tested by a qualified electrician, and documentary evidence to support this should be available for inspection at every event. RR Events will only provide power outlets that match those listed on the application form. Failure to list the correct amount of ‘hook-ups’ may cause an additional charge, or result in certain equipment not being powered. Traders requiring more than 2 ‘hook-ups’ for a single pitch may also incur an additional “High-Power Charge” on their rent.Petrol generators are NOT permitted under any circumstances. Silent diesel generators are permitted on the condition that the equipment is fit and safe for purpose and a “nuisance” is not caused to either other traders, or the public. Equipment must not be running whilst refuelling and care must be taken to avoid fuel spillages. All fuelling operations must be carried out by a competent person and at a suitable time. Any fuel being stored must be kept in an appropriate fuel transport container, which complies with all relevant legislation.Fuel must NOT be stored within your stall area for safety reasons. RR Events Ltd may arrange for the safe storage of any fuel, if appropriate storage facility is available to them. LPG and all gas cylinders MUST be disconnected at the finish of business each day, by a competent person. No facility is available for the storage of any cylinders or bottles overnight. RR Events Ltd reserves the right to demand the removal of any equipment deemed unsafe or about which complaints are received, regardless of whether this impacts a traders ability to trade at the event.


Traders will be allocated a space in line with the dimensions specified on their application form. It is imperative that total dimensions are given to prevent issues with pitch allocation. Traders must ensure that they do not extend into footpaths, or beyond the footprint of their gazebo/unit. All extending canopies must be at least 2 metres high and protrude no more than 50cm. A-Boards will not be allowed on any event and RR Events reserve the right to enforce their removal. Any overhead displays must be securely fixed or you will be asked to remove them.


Any signage, whether freestanding or attached to the stall, must not be placed in such a way that they over shadow or obscure or cause a nuisance to any neighbouring traders or local businesses. RR Events Ltd reserve the right to display any company branding, or promotional material such as flags and banners, on any part of a traders stall that it deems as appropriate.RR Events Ltd requests that all Food traders clearly display current Food Hygiene ratings as well as any other relevant signage that a trader deems as appropriate to attest to levels of quality and cleanliness.


Traders must clearly state on their application form ALL products that they wish to sell at the event. This must be accompanied with photographs of their setup. RR Events Ltd reserve the right to enforce removal of products that are not included on the application form or they deem as unsuitable to the event.


Traders must not sub-let any portion of their pitch to another interested trader/business. Applications made by a trader must include all products to ensure this is not allowed to happen.


The distribution or sale of alcohol, including low-alcohol foods and testers, is prohibited at all events without prior consent from RR Events Ltd. Any traders wishing to sell alcohol must make this clear in the application process and ensure they have applied for the relevant licence (if applicable). Traders who apply direct to a local authority without the consent of RR Events Ltd will be asked to remove the relevant alcoholic products.For traders who are permitted to sell alcohol, then the onus remains solely on them, or their appointed representative, to ensure that they conform to licensing regulations that may be placed upon them. This includes ensuring that the consumption of any alcohol remains within a permitted area, if this is stipulated. Any additional security provision that would be required to enforce this would be the responsibility of the trader and at their own cost.


No vehicle linked to any trader or staff members can be parked on site during trading hours, unless previously agreed with RR Events Ltd. Any vehicles that form part of a traders operation, such as a converted catering van, will only be permitted if permission has been granted prior to the event.Any traders requiring access to site, either during setup and de-rig, or to restock during the event, must seek permission from a member of RR Events on-site team. Close attention must be paid to restricted times of entry. Contravention of this stipulation will be taken very seriously as it may endanger the general public, and thereby risk the reputation of RR Events Ltd.Where possible suitable car parking will be supplied in cooperation with the relevant local authority. If this is not possible, then RR Events Ltd, may offer a suggested parking location. It may not be held responsible by any trader for parking tickets (or other fines incurred) that accumulate as a result of not following regulations.


Traders are responsible for the security of all goods within their allocated pitch. RR Events Ltd are not responsible for overnight security of your goods, but they may deploy Event Staff whose role it will be to supervise the site and report any activity, criminal or otherwise, to the relevant body. Supervision of the event as a whole is provided for the duration. The event is defined as the advertised dates of the event, beginning at 7am from the first date, to 7pm on the final date. There is no provision for the evening before, although RR Events may provide this at their discretion.


Traders are solely responsible for the removal from their pitch of any refuse or other waste materials created as a direct result of their operation, to the designated collection point, if any. RR Events Ltd will be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the public area between pitches. Traders are responsible for the maintenance of tidy & hygienic conditions in the immediate area of their pitch and for the removal of all waste material including packaging. All traders must inform a member of RR Events Ltd staff before they leave an event so that it can be checked for basic cleanliness. Traders may be asked to take waste away with them if it is not able to be disposed of on site by RR Events Ltd.


All food traders must have a plan in place to dispose of any excess cooking fuels (charcoal, gas canisters, cooking oils, etc) without using waste receptacles that have been provided by RR Events Ltd. Any food stuffs left at the end of an event must be taken by the trader. Failure to comply with this WILL result in any costs incurred being passed onto the trader


RR Events Ltd has a duty to ensure that the event takes place in the safest possible environment. In this respect you are reminded, that as an employer, you to have specific legal duties under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. Section 2 of the act states that it is the duty of every employer to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable the health, safety and welfare at work of all their employees, and or volunteers. Any ladders, steps or lifting equipment must be in good order and well maintained. Section 3 states that your operation be carried out in such a way as to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that all persons not in your employment who may be affected by your operations are not exposed to risk to their health & safety


All traders MUST supply a copy of Public Liability Insurance to cover their own legal liability arising out of their participation at the event. A minimum cover of £5 million will be expected, and this cover must be valid for the entire duration of the event. It must be forwarded with your application, and available for inspection at every event. This can be in the form of a general annual cover for your operation (such as NMTF membership) or specific cover for the event &/or activity. Under NO circumstance should a trader attempt to stand at an event without having this legal requirement in place.


Prior to the start of the event, and also subsequent trading days after the commencement, Met Office weather forecasts will be monitored. When expected wind speeds of 30mph or more are forecasted then traders will be notified and asked to consider additional means of securing their stall. This does not include attaching to items of street furniture.RR Events Ltd reserve the right to close stalls, or ask for them to be lowered to minimise the risk in instances of high winds. It is a condition of trading with RR Events that each trader can supply a minimum of 2 weights per leg of their gazebo, or equivalent weight (sand bags, water ballasts, etc)


The general public and visitors to an event may not be familiar with certain equipment, machinery and set-up. Account MUST be taken of any problems which this may create. Moving parts MUST be properly protected. Continuous safety precautions MUST exist and be maintained throughout the event. Children require specific consideration. In the event of any incident or accident, however insignificant, the procedure is to inform the most senior member of RR Events Ltd staff on-site. This will then be documented and a copy retained for reference. The trader may be contacted in the future about this incident as part of any investigation, regardless of whether they remain an ‘active’ trader with RR Events Ltd.


All Stallholders MUST provide adequate fire precautions appropriate to their business (Fire blanket &/or Extinguisher) and be responsible for informing staff of Fire Emergency Procedures for their stall. You MUST review the Fire Safety Plan and familiarise yourself with its contents upon arrival. All participants using bottled gas MUST ensure the equipment is safely installed and it must be secured to your stall. They must also be able to provide inspection records for the equipment in line with current regulations. Traders are reminded of the need to comply with the Regulatory reform Fire Safety Order 2005, whereby the onus is now firmly on the employer/trader to have in place adequate and sufficient fire safety arrangements, as well as ensuring they have adequate and sufficient risk assessments in place and available for inspection.


All Food traders MUST have all relevant registrations, qualifications and hygiene certificates, which can be produced for inspection for every event. These MUST be forwarded to RR Events Ltd when first registering as a trader, along with your application to trade. All catering style traders MUST be able to produce for inspection a record of hot and cold food temperatures, carry a working temperature probe and wipes, along with their HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). All caterers will need to display signage describing any traces of nut elements, allergies or substitutes to their produce. Caterers must also be able to produce COSHH risk assessments for their chosen brand of cleaning products.


It is the responsibility of the trader to set-up, a “fit for purpose” gazebo in order to trade at an event. This must be well maintained, clean, and in good working order, including all associated sheets. All responsibility for the equipment used at the event lies with the trader and it is them who must ensure it is inherently safe, and wholly “fit for purpose”. It is the responsibility of the trader to ensure that all equipment (including structures) is erected and dismantled by a competent person. All structures and equipment will be subject to a visual inspection for safety prior to opening. Please note this is at the discretion of RR Events Ltd and is paramount that each trader carries out their own inspection & safety procedures in line with their duties of care under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. RR Events Ltd reserves the right to prohibit the use of structures, and or equipment, and if necessary remove them from the event site if they are deemed unsafe.


Traders are NOT permitted to use amplification, unless previously agreed with RR Events Ltd, who in turn would make an application to the Local Authority, to be licensed to perform such an activity. This includes buzzers, bells, sirens, microphones and live music. RR Events Ltd reserves the right to prohibit and/or remove any equipment or persons, which in their opinion is causing annoyance and or disturbance to another. This is to also include roaming promotional staff and distribution of promotional materials away from the traders own pitch. Where neighbouring traders cannot mutually agree on levels of such activities RR Events Ltd will act as arbiter, and in all instances their decision will be final. Failure to comply with any decision will leave the trader in question liable to be dismissed from the event without prejudice.


Traders MUST ensure that no damage is caused to any carriageways, footpaths, street furniture, hard standing or grass areas (including trees, shrubs and plants). Failure to do so will result in the trader being liable for the cost of reinstatement of repair, which may need to be completed by the local authority, or their appointed contractor.


In the event of all, or part, of the event being postponed or cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of RR Events, then RR Events Ltd shall not be liable in any way in respect of expenditure, damage or loss incurred by traders. This will also apply in instances where the closure/cancellation is due to the failure or curtailment of any supplies, service or facilities offered to traders. If RR Events cancels/closes the event for whatever reason, traders are legally bound to accept any offer (if one is made) that RR Events makes as complete settlement and discharge, and will not claim against RR Events for any costs of expense incurred.


RR Events Ltd reserves the right to remove any individuals connected to any stall/business, whose presence at the event is deemed to be prejudicial to the “Best Interest” of the event, or who they feel could bring disrepute to the event or organiser.Traders may appeal this decision in writing within 14 days of the decision, but must comply with all RR Events Ltd requests to leave the site while there.


Under no circumstances must any trader be under the influence of alcohol, or a controlled substance during trading hours. Any consumption that the trader chooses to partake in must be well away from the event location and outside of trading hours.Breaches of this will be treated with the utmost severity.


No promotional material will be allowed to be distributed without prior permission from RR Events Ltd. If traders are asked to distribute any leaflets that promote the event as a whole, or future relevant events, then they must endeavour to do this to as many customers as possible.


If any trader has any further questions that arise after reading these terms and conditions, then they are free to contact RR Events Ltd at their Head Office on 01515481113 or info@rrevents.net . Please ensure that the nature of the query is clearly identified so that this may be processed in a timely manner.I hereby certify that I have read and understood the RR Events Ltd Trading Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them